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Business intelligence to understand your machines

Ecocentric’s Numen system learns the operation and behavioural patterns of devices and machines.

Numen uses non-intrusive sensors to acquire high-frequency electrical data that is fed into machine learning and AI algorithms, enabling the system to identify individual machines and devices, monitor their performance and predict faults.

With Numen Intelligent Monitoring, you can set up alerts on critical devices and choose who to notify and how they will be notified in the event of a fault condition or lead indicator.

Numen Collector

The Numen edge device connects to existing electrical infrastructure. Voltage and current signals are sampled at high resolution and converted into a digital data stream and can be processed by the onboard digital signal processing hardware or in the cloud.


Numen Gateway

Recorded data can be transported to the Numen Data Engine via our smart highly secure gateway device or internet connection.


Numen Data Engine

Cloud-based data analytics and processing infrastructure with an open API that allows Ecocentric applications and third parties to interface easily with the data engine.


Numen Interface

The Numen Console provides easy navigation of the data from the connected infrastructure, devices, and Machines. The console provides comprehensive visualisation, tools, and analytics, with configurable real-time alerts and useability across web and mobile devices. 


Industrial applications










Simple installation

Numen has been engineered to be installed with minimal impact on the operations of a business. Numen's current transformers (sensors) are easily installed by clipping onto electrical circuits (cables) eliminating the necessity of switching off the mains power during installation. The Numen system can be installed into new buildings or retrofitted and connects to the cloud via its own highly secure VPN WIFI network. It's a complete plug and play solution.


Real-time warning and notifications

Numen identifies anomalies and detects faults in real-time to monitor, predict and address problems as they arise. Insights are visualised and delivered to the user in the form of graphs, reports and notifications via a choice of Numen interface (web or mobile), or can be incorporated into an existing dashboard, analysis engine or control system.


Critical device monitoring

Machine failures can be catastrophic. Numen’s sensors are tethered to electrical circuits, by electricians. These sensors acquire high-frequency electrical data via the powerful edge platform, with the data fed into cloud-based algorithms. Proprietary AI-driven ‘electrical fingerprint’ technology enables the system to identify/quantify individual device signatures.


Preemptive fault detection

Numen detects electrical arcing - one of the main causes of fires in the built world. This detection capability works sub-second, ensuring it is sensitive enough to detect the slightest changes to the expected performance of machines. Immediate alerts are sent to the user’s designated devices, allowing them to take action to avoid catastrophic failure.


Energy optimisation

Numen provides detailed data about each device. This allows Numen to produce reports and actionable insights for manufacturers and operators of large-scale utilities to better manage energy consumption and reduce operating costs. Existing smart meter technology only provides electrical data at meter level, which is not detailed enough to achieve these results.


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