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Big Data & AI: The key to unlock a sustainable future

The global drive towards a net-zero carbon future and the targets that have been committed to, is creating a wave of disruption that will dominate most industries over the coming decades.

Technology driven by AI and Big Data is widely accepted as key to achieving carbon neutrality. Ecocentric's Numen AI big data acquisition and analysis platform assists businesses on their journey towards a sustainable future.

The Numen platform, can cost-effectively monitor each device and track its energy footprint and operational condition. This provides certainty that a device is operating optimally. Sensitive AI algorithms can detect abnormalities, even before noticeable performance reduction, and notify maintenance staff.

The Numen technology can be applied to a wide range of industries, including data centres, water management and a range of other industries.


Industry applications

Water Infrastructure Management VIEW

Data Centre Sustainability VIEW

Digital Transformation

Numen AI transforms high-frequency electrical data into actionable insights




  • Data driven investment decisions
  • ROI tracking
  • Increase equipment lifespan




  • Continuous condition monitoring
  • Early fault detection
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Increased maintenance intervals
  • Reduce downtime & production loss
  • Reduce maintenance staff




  • Data driven stock and spare part management




  • Accurate consumption tracking and reporting
  • Real-time PUE, Nabers and other metrix
  • Consumption forecasting

CO2 Footprint

CO2 Footprint


  • Tracking impact of renewable energy
  • Individual device carbon footprint
  • Carbon credit input data

Easy view data and analysis

Numen Web Console Power quality analysis

Analyse power quality and monitor for subtle changes that could affect sensitive computer equipment

  • Detail data on variations in supply power
  • Notifications on changing supply that might cause issues with computer equipment e.g. Voltage and/or Frequency changes.

Numen Web Console Phase balance analysis

Analyse phase balance and distribute loads evenly for optimal energy efficiency

  • Unbalanced phase loading results in wasted energy (current on Neutral)
  • Unbalanced loads can cause line overloads and unnecessary circuit breaker trips
  • Unbalanced loads can also cause a fire hazard on undersized neutral cables
  • Numen can assist to distribute loads (e.g. new computer equipment) evenly across the three phases, resulting in optimal energy efficiency.

Numen Web Console Individual device performance

Analyse the performance of individual devices with the chart engine

  • Visualise and compare various parameters of different devices on a site or across multiple sites
  • High data resolution (up to 10 seconds)
  • Overlay other data sources e.g. weather data
  • Instant data summary (including cost and CO2)
  • Export data for further analysis
  • Bookmark data for later

Energy reporting at your fingertips

Numen Web Console Energy Consumption Report

Up-to-the-minute reports empowers optimal use of energy resources

  • Consumption Reports e.g. Monthly Consumption comparisons between multiple sites
  • Consumption Forecasts
  • View kWh, Cost (e.g. $ or £) or CO2 Emissions
  • Maximum Demand (hover to see details including exact time of max. demand and highest consuming devices at this time)

Numen Web Console Device Consumption Ranking Report

Compare operation of individual devices of a device fleet. Easy to identify outliers.

  • Easily identify and rank heaviest consuming devices
  • Track individual device consumption, cost and CO2 emissions
  • Monitor and compare device power factors and other operating parameters
  • Track phase balance of 3-phase devices and 3-phase generation

Real time alerts and warnings

Numen Web Console Data Visualisation & Analysis

  • Detail data on variations in supply power
  • Notifications on changing supply that might cause issues with computer equipment e.g. Voltage and/or Frequency changes.

Before Numen


After Numen

Deploy Numen AI across your plant or building

Simple Installation

Numen is designed to make it easy and cost effective to deploy digital device condition monitoring to data centers. Numen is simple to retro fit to existing infrastructure and can be installed by any qualified electrician.