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About ecocentric

Ecocentric is a next generation technology company based in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Ecocentric is dedicated to make digital transformation a reality for businesses, and in doing so, help reduce their environmental impact, improve their bottom line and contribute to the global race to net zero carbon emissions.


Our Board of Directors


Stephen Rogers

Chairman and Non Executive Director

As Ecocentric’s Chair, Steve works closely with the CEO and senior leadership team to bring the NUMEN technology through its various stages to full commercialisation. His in depth knowledge of the energy, resources and infrastructure sectors has been built from a forty year career with over twenty five years working at executive and board level in international groups within these sectors. With a proven track record in leading the commercialisation of multi billion dollar mega projects, debt financing and global capital raising Steve has grown a strong reputation for delivering products and projects in challenging business environments. In recent years Steve has had influential roles in international start-ups and technology companies. He believes that technologies like NUMEN will be the foundation of digital transformation in major asset owning businesses.


Glenn Butcher


Glenn Butcher is a technology company builder with 25 years of experience in senior leadership roles at major companies and organizations. Glenn has previously held senior roles at Atlassian, Amazon, and multiple start-ups in the technology and high-growth space. In addition to Ecocentric, Glenn is currently CEO of the venture capital firm FundWA, venture partner at CP ventures, chair of two companies in the technology space, and on several start-up boards.


Stephen Llanwarne


Highly motivated technology professional holding senior Investment Banking roles in London and Sydney.

A Founding Partner/CIO of Zurich Capital Markets Asia.

Since 2004 focused on tech start-ups: capital raises, disruptive strategies, to-market strategies and business development.

Latest focus: energy data solutions, renewable energy, telco/cloud solutions and digitising psychology.

Our Executives


Grant Tuohy

Chief Executive Officer

With a background of more than 20 years experience in media and marketing, I apply creative vision with lateral thinking to develop big picture solutions.

I am a people-person and enjoy mentoring and motivating others to take advantage of opportunities as they present. I believe passionately in helping people and businesses to achieve success, while also benefiting the wider community, and ultimately the planet.

Having previously been a founding member of a mastermind group of online digital marketers, I developed a marketing system that leverages the power of major social media networks, highlighting the power of quality data to provide a tangible measure of success.

I have an ability to communicate with people from all walks of life and understand the importance of being able to reach a target audience with a specific message.

Outside of my work at Ecocentric I have also completed a stage musical and feature-length screenplay motion picture, both of which are currently in development.


Anton Menkveld

Chief Commercial Officer

An entrepreneur and business owner, I am passionate about creating a life of fulfilment and joy, while creating a lasting positive legacy for the world.

With creativity and innovation at the heart of everything I do, I believe in the power of technology to develop profitable and sustainable solutions for businesses.

A qualified electronic engineer, I have more than 20 years experience in developing and operating technology-based businesses, with particular expertise in software systems and cloud-based, mobile software technology. I am able to bring that hands on technical and business expertise to investors and founders, for the betterment of business.


Colin McDonald

Chief Financial Officer

I am a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years’ experience in senior financial executive roles for private and public companies across a number of industry sectors.Having worked with Ecocentric Group Ltd for the past 5 years  I have seen the company’s progression to where it is today, about to embark on some exciting commercialisation opportunities with its Numen technology.I am looking forward to continuing working at Ecocentric to help the team deliver significant benefits to both its customers and shareholders.