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The Numen system

The Numen System

Numen’s data acquisition system uses non-intrusive clip-on current transformers which are installed at the electrical distribution board. Each current transformer samples the electrical current at high-frequency, allowing AI-based algorithms to detect subtle changes and patterns in the electrical signature of each unit.


Numen Collector

The Numen Collector is at the heart of the Numen systems.

In addition to high-resolution data acquisition, the Collector also provides a computing platform capable of executing complex machine learning algorithms in real-time.


Numen Gateway

The function of the Numen Gateway is to transport data from the Collectors, installed in buildings, to the cloud-based Data Engine. The Numen Gateway devices creates an independent wireless network access point for Collectors and provides a connection to the cloud via mobile and/or local area networks.

Data Engine (Cloud)

The data recorded by the Numen Collectors is transported to the cloud-based Numen Data Engine. The Data Engine is capable of securely storing and processing vast volumes of data. Once the data is in the cloud, it is analysed and processed with an ever-increasing collection of machine learning algorithms to gain valuable insight into the operation of the devices connected to the Numen system.

Numen data engine

Direct data access

Numen interfaces

User Console

The Numen Console provides a window into Numen Data. The Console is designed to provide reporting and data analysis tools that make it easy to find data. Each device is represented by a block, with the colour indicating its overall operation status. The console has three main purposes:

1. Data visualisation

Analyse and compare historical data

Visualising solar power generation
Visualising solar power generation

2. Reporting

Reporting provides standard and custom reports that provide insight into your systems.

Arc detection

Numen can detect the presence of electrical arching. The screenshot left shows the presence of arcing on a circuit.

Click here to review a typical custom report. This is a Power Usage Efficiency report showing increases (red) and declines (green) in PUE of specific equipment. In this case computer racks in a data centre.

3. Notifications

Provide a central location to see all notifications related to the status of your system.

Notification screen provides a filtered list of notifications for a specific device. This allows deep analysis of event occurrences.