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Ecocentric is a technology company which has developed a proprietary edge device and AI data analytics platform that continuously monitors and analyses your critical electrical devices and infrastructure.

Our Numen system can be applied to a wide range of facilities, including airports, data centres, water/utilities, healthcare, resources sector and mining.

Avoid critical faults, costly downtime, and even serious injury with our Numen solution.

An intelligent solution
that learns

Numen learns the patterns of operation and performance of machines to predict faults before they occur, helping avoid costly unplanned outages and improving productivity and efficiencies.

Numen's leading-edge technology identifies individual machines and equipment, continuously monitoring and learning patterns of operation and behaviour.


A complete integrated solution

Ecocentric’s edge & cloud hybrid AI platform powers data-driven solutions for critical device management, energy performance and safety.


Numen Hardware

Numen hardware connects to existing electrical infrastructure. Voltage and current signals are sampled at very high rates, converted to a digital data stream and processed by the onboard digital signal processing hardware.

Numen Gateway

Recorded data can be transported to the Numen Data Engine via our smart highly secure gateway device or internet connection.


Numen Data Engine

Cloud-based data storage and processing infrastructure with an open API that allows Ecocentric applications and third parties to interface with the data engine.


Numen Interface

The interface provides for easy navigation, real-time alerts and useability across web and mobile devices. 


Better for business




Real-time warning
and notifications


Critical device


fault detection




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