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Future reimagined as tech takes centre stage

August 03 2022 By

As we begin to take steps out of the pandemic Ecocentric Business Development Director, Ben Harrington, writes about the opportunities, not only to change our normal working practices, but also to transform how we manage and maintain buildings, physical infrastructure and machines. Read more here:

The new tech predicting electrical fires long before they start

November 27 2021 By

With summer fast approaching, it’s easy for businesses and households to get caught up in preparing for Australia’s peak bushfire season, clearing leaves and twigs from gutters, cutting back

Put politics aside – it’s time to take the power back

July 02 2020 By

It’s little wonder our trust in political leaders to do the right thing and make the right decisions about our future has been shaken to the core. We are confronting a trifecta of uncertainty – Brexit, a

The hidden leak that’s costing you thousands… It’s not what you think

June 24 2020 By

How long could you sit comfortably while a running tap sent water gushing down the sink? What would you do if you noticed one of your taps leaking? You’d call a plumber – usually pretty promptly. What