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The Valuable Resource Businesses Are Wasting, Without Even Realising

August 29 2023 By Anton Menkveld

Of the many assets held by businesses, arguably the most valuable resource is company data. However, too many companies aren’t aware of exactly what data they can access, and how to use it to their advantage. There is an increasing awareness around the globe of the value of data, particularly on the back of generative…

Water is the New Oil, Data is the New Gold

August 01 2023 By Anton Menkveld

Oil and gold have long been considered two valuable commodities for human society, oil as the world’s primary energy source, and gold as an economic asset, bringing the holder wealth and power. However, as the world increasingly adopts digital technologies, water and data are emerging as equally important commodities, with each having the ability to…

How Equipment Monitoring Technology Can Put the Water Treatment Industry in the F1 Drivers Seat

July 18 2023 By Anton Menkveld

The introduction of telemetry into Formula One revolutionised the way race cars were able to perform, allowing teams to pre-emptively make changes and repairs to the car based on performance and efficiency data. This same mindset can – and should – be applied to the water-treatment industry – with equipment-monitoring technology able to revolutionise the…