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Data Centres

Data Centres account for 3-4% of global greenhouse gas emissions and currently the amount of energy used by data centres doubles every four years.

A recent study found that only 28% of data centres have visibility on their energy utilisation. 85% however, already realise that sustainability adoption will significantly impact their operations and business decision making in the coming years.

Reducing their carbon footprint poses a unique and significant challenge to data centre operators as the demand for computing power increases.

Case Study Insurance Australia Group

Numen was initially installed in IAG's main data centre in Melbourne. This installation proved highly successful and resulted in significant savings and efficiency improvements (case study).
During 2022, IAG expanded their Numen deployment to all of their data centres and server rooms in Australia, with New Zealand to follow in 2023.

The following outcomes were achieved by this investment:

Annual Energy

Annual energy cost saving of approximately AU$150,000 (US$113,000)

Estimated carbon

Estimated carbon reduction of 980 tonnes (based on 0.949 tonnes CO2-e / MWh for the State of Victoria)

Estimated payback

Estimated payback period based on Numen provided consumption data is less than 3 years

Power usage

56% improvement in site PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness)

Estimated ROI
over 5 years