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Let Numen, Ecocentric Energy's flagship AI-based, electrical device monitoring and data platform,  make digital transformation a reality for your business. Reduce your carbon footprint, reduce operating cost, increase maintenance efficiencies and become a true leader in the race to net zero.

How Numen Data drives efficiencies and sustainability

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The Valuable Resource Businesses Are Wasting, Without Even Realising
Of the many assets held by businesses, arguably the most valuable resource is company data. However, too many companies aren’t aware of exactly what data they can access, and how to use it to their advantage. There is an increasing awareness around the globe of the value of data, particularly on the back of generative…
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Water is the New Oil, Data is the New Gold
Oil and gold have long been considered two valuable commodities for human society, oil as the world’s primary energy source, and gold as an economic asset, bringing the holder wealth and power. However, as the world increasingly adopts digital technologies, water and data are emerging as equally important commodities, with each having the ability to…
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How Equipment Monitoring Technology Can Put the Water Treatment Industry in the F1 Drivers Seat
The introduction of telemetry into Formula One revolutionised the way race cars were able to perform, allowing teams to pre-emptively make changes and repairs to the car based on performance and efficiency data. This same mindset can – and should – be applied to the water-treatment industry – with equipment-monitoring technology able to revolutionise the…
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How Data Will Play a Major Role in Solving the Global Energy Crisis
It could be argued that never before in our global history has there been so many Governments, organisations, businesses and individuals invested in developing sustainable energy solutions, as there is right now. While the continued push toward Net Zero by 2050 is a key motivator, so too is the global energy crisis, which is continuing…
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Real-time PUE driving sustainability
Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) is a key metric in driving data centre efficiency and sustainability. PUE measures the amount of power used by a data centre relative to the amount of power used by the IT equipment it contains. The lower the PUE, the more energy efficient the data centre is considered to be. Asset…
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Digital transformation in Data Centres
Digital transformation is revolutionising the way data centres operate and manage their infrastructure. One critical aspect of this transformation is the use of advanced electrical monitoring systems such as Numen. Numen enables data centres to optimise their energy efficiency and minimise downtime. One of the key benefits of electrical monitoring systems is their ability to…
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